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By proceeding to place an order with Roosevelt Writes, which entails making payment for the requested service, you acknowledge that you have reviewed, comprehended, and consented to the terms and conditions outlined herein.

Copyright and Personal Usage

The materials provided to you by Roosevelt Writes are exclusively original content. You retain complete ownership and copyright over the delivered products and accompanying materials. It is incumbent upon you to ensure that the utilization of any material obtained from Roosevelt Writes is within the bounds of legality and ethical conduct. Furthermore, you agree to indemnify, defend, and absolve Roosevelt Writes from any liability arising from unauthorized utilization of the delivered products or materials. Any infringement upon copyright or misuse of the content provided on our website may result in legal consequences, including but not limited to civil or criminal penalties.

Originality Guarantee

We uphold a strict policy against plagiarism and academic dishonesty at Roosevelt Writes. We are committed to adhering to all copyright laws and ensuring that our customers do not engage in plagiarism or violate copyright regulations knowingly.

Roosevelt Writes, and its affiliates and partners bear no responsibility for any unethical, inappropriate, or illegal use of the products and materials obtained from our website. This includes but is not limited to plagiarism, legal disputes, academic repercussions such as poor grades, expulsion, or disciplinary actions. It is solely the purchaser's responsibility to ensure that the material acquired from our website is used ethically and lawfully and to bear the consequences of any misconduct.

Image Usage Policy

At Roosevelt Writes, we prioritize ethical image usage. Unless expressly created by our in-house illustrators, we do not possess the copyright for images. Consequently, we abstain from utilizing copyrighted images. Instead, we offer recommended image links for your convenience, allowing you to independently copy and integrate them into your content.

You are encouraged to utilize royalty-free images without hesitation. However, should you opt for copyrighted images, it may be necessary to compensate the respective owner(s) for their use.

Refund Policy

Understanding the terms and conditions of our refund policy is essential to grasp the privileges and limitations governed by Roosevelt's Writes. We extend refunds only under specific circumstances and conditions outlined as follows:

While Roosevelt Writes offers a 100% refund on all its services, it's imperative to note that this refund is not unconditional, and certain conditions still apply. Refunds under Roosevelt Writes' policy will be rendered void if:

  • You have selected a specialized or custom package.
  • Revision requests extend beyond the initial concepts.
  • The customer remains unresponsive for more than two weeks without prior notice.
  • The project is put on hold at the customer's request, nullifying the refund eligibility.
  • Violation of company policies.
  • Inadequate information provided in the creative brief by the client.
  • Closure or rebranding of the client's business.
  • Refunds will not be granted for reasons such as a change of mind or disagreements unrelated to the service provided.
  • Once a client has accepted multiple sets of revisions for any service, a refund will not be applicable.
  • A full refund is available to the customer before our writers or editors commence work on the project.

Revision Limitations

Regarding writing orders, Roosevelt Writes will revise small portions of written material until the client approves it. Upon client approval of developed content, subsequent revisions will incur charges at the applicable editing rate.

Roosevelt Writes commits to reviewing edited content for editing orders to eradicate any objective or technical errors. Additional revisions beyond this scope are subject to the sole discretion of Roosevelt Writes.

Limitation of Liability

By utilizing the services of Roosevelt Writes, you agree to absolve the company, its employees, officers, directors, shareholders, agents, representatives, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising partners, and legal advisors (collectively referred to as "Company’s Affiliates") from any liabilities, losses, damages, claims, and actions arising from or related to the products offered. These may include, but are not limited to:

a) Technical malfunctions or difficulties such as hardware or software issues, network failures, or disruptions in internet or email services.
b) Failed, incomplete, or delayed computer transmissions.
c) Situations beyond the control of Roosevelt Writes that may lead to product delays, disruptions, or corruption.
d) Any injuries, losses, or damages incurred due to the utilization of our services.
e) Errors in printing or typography in materials associated with our services.

Furthermore, you agree to indemnify and hold Roosevelt Writes and its affiliates harmless from any claims, suits, or demands, including legal fees, brought by third parties due to your use of our services, your violation of these Terms and Conditions, your infringement upon the rights of a third party, or any other actions or omissions on your part.

Roosevelt Writes no responsibility for any indirect, direct, incidental, special, punitive, or consequential damages resulting from the utilization of our website or any information contained within it.

It's important to understand that in some states or jurisdictions, regulations may not permit the exclusion or restriction of liability for consequential or incidental damages. Consequently, depending on your location, this restriction might not apply to you.


You recognize and consent that Roosevelt Writes reserves the right to independently modify the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions. We advise you to periodically review both pages, as any alterations will be noted in this section of our website.


Here at Roosevelt Writes, we acknowledge and respect the intellectual property of others. The logos and trademarks you see on our website belong solely to their rightful owners. We want to be perfectly clear: having these logos displayed doesn't signify any endorsement, partnership, or official connection between Roosevelt Writes and those companies. Their logos are simply used for identification purposes.

The information and material provided on the Roosevelt Writes website are solely meant for informational purposes and should not be interpreted as professional advice. Roosevelt Writes cannot assure the accuracy or entirety of any information on its website. Roosevelt Writes is not responsible for any mistakes or exclusions in the content or for any consequences stemming from the utilization of this information. Your reliance on such information is entirely at your own discretion and risk.

Queries and Clarifications!

Should you have any inquiries regarding our Privacy Policy or the handling of your information, please feel free to reach out to us. You can contact our toll-free number at (+703 570-5762) or [email protected]. We're here to address any concerns and ensure transparency in our practices.